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Have you always wanted to learn to dance or be part of an amazing team of artists_ Then jo

Mission: To define dance excellence through the teachings of dance techniques, life goals, and professionalism. Coupled with the competitive mindset for a career in the industry of dance and performance arts.

The founding of this company is to give a professional and artistic outlet to the youth of tomorrow. By building their strengths not only in dance but also in the professional world of dance with the teachings of life goals, responsibilities, and what it means to be a respectable working artist in today’s society.


We believe, all talent that diligently put in the effort relative to growth, shall not be inhibited to relax on laurels, but expected to hold themselves and the company they represent to the highest of standards. 


Remembering at all times, the art of dance is a shared passion to many alike. Our jobs as artist is to influence their minds in more positive ways of moving toward the future. Knowing that every dancer is of value but not irreplaceable. Understanding what it means to be a hardworking, dedicated, and driven individual.


As we will strive to do our best to give them not one but all and more of these things. In our teachings, mentoring, and consensual shared passions for the art.


"Love every step of what you’re doing each and every time. Owning every breath taken on stage for those are the moments you never get back."

SO LIVE!!!!!! ~Calvin Turner 

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